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Covid-19, Corona Virus Pandemic  while staying at home:

All classes and courses cancelled due to Covid - 19 - Corona Pandemic that is affecting us all worldwide.

However - this should not stop you from Qigong study or practice!

Conversely, this is the perfect opportunity to do the same as this situation is expected to last until at least August 2020, or possibly longer.

It is solely dependent on the rate of contraction and infection of the virus. Following a decline in statistics, Governments will be required to structure an exit strategy to get everyone back into their normal routines (that will have changed dramatically). Taking this into consideration, we may not see classes or courses established until around October 2020!

Until then, I urge to to get into a daily routine of Qigong practice to preserve your health, mental well being and as a support to your daily activities while staying at home.

There are great many repositories of Qigong videos and writings on the Internet to choose from that will keep your mind and body active. Slow down, take your time and filter this knowledge to find something that suits you and which you can practice and study daily.

 Here are some guides to start with. Until we meet again, stay safe. Bob

Daoyin Baojian Gong with Tina Faulkner Elders:


Professor Zhang Guande - Heart Form:


Seven Stars School - 5 Element Dance on the Holy Island:


5 Minute Hand Massage using Acupuncture points - Bob Lowey:


Documentary of Grand Master You Xuande:


A Walk in the Mountains:



Some excellent routines from a truly great Teacher and himan being - Hu Xiao Fei:


Lastly - keep up with daily changing situations worldwide:

World Health Organisation