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Although there is no verifiable statistics, there are reputable Qigong Associations and Institutes that estimate over 100,000 people are practising Qigong in the UK and over 80 million people practising worldwide.  Styles of Qigong being practised worldwide approximate to over  3,600.

Many individuals have studied studied and practiced over a period of years with a teacher but do not have the confidence to teach in public. Conversely, there are those that have heard of Qigong but have no idea what it is. Additionally,  there are those who have limited knowledge and skills of Qigong but wish to progress their learning but do not know where to turn.

The intention of the Qigong Teachers Association of the United Kingdom  is to call on:  

Our courses cover history, philosophy, styles and the practice of fundamental and classical Qigong. Our web site provides links to Qigong Teachers and Schools to interested parties.

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