Although there is no verifiable statistics, there are reputable Qigong Associations and Institutes that estimate over 100,000 people are practising Qigong in the UK and over 80 million people practising worldwide. Styles of Qigong being practised worldwide approximate to over  3,600 different methods.

Unfortunately, many reputable Qigong Teachers have witnessed, and are well aware of the those who profess their knowledge, skills and Qigong Teaching ability and who have succeeded in learning everything there is to know about Qigong over a weekend course,

There are others that have studied for many years with a teacher but do not have the confidence to teach in public, and similarly,  those who have knowledge and skills of Qigong and rebuff networks and organisations such as our own Qigong Teachers Association.

The intention of the Qigong Teachers Association of the United Kingdom  is to call on:  

Overall, QigongTauk will continually strive to raise the standards and skills of Qigong throughout the UK

Becoming a Qigong Teacher Associate is simple!

Please download the attached pdf, complete your details, and send them to our Admin. We will then advertise the necessary information on our site free of charge!

Your benefits:

 Advertise yourself free on this site.                     Advertise your courses on this site.                      Lend your expertise to the progression of Qigong in the UK

                                                                 Participate in other courses at reduced rates.           We look forward to hearing from you!

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